Why Study In Ireland?

Ireland has one of the best education systems in the world and there are many reasons to study here. Schools and universities are globally connected and graduates of Irish education institutions have access to opportunities in many different careers all over the world. Ireland is an island nation on the westernmost edge of Europe. It is the continent’s second largest island after Great Britain. And it is known for its beautiful green countryside, fascinating history and friendly people.Ireland is an English speaking country, which is one of the top reasons to choose Ireland as a study destination. Students coming to Ireland, find it comfortable to cope up with the course and also with the place.The fact that it is both an Anglophone country and an EU member state makes Ireland one of the more attractive study abroad destinations for many students.

Master of Science in Biopharmaceutical Technology -Level 9 Biology or chemistry related primary degree or Equivalent Qualification. Graduates from this programme can expect to develop careers in a variety of roles in the Biopharmaceutical, Medical Device, Biotechnology and Medical Diagnostics sectors. Assistant Pharmacist-34,200 EUR,Assistant Pharmacy Director-61,400 EUR,Associate Medical Affairs Director-84,700 EUR,Bioinformatics Scientist-35,600 EUR
Master Of Science in Data Analytics -Level 9 Engineering Graduates,Bachelor's Degree in computer science,Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics. Data Analyst,Data Scientist,Performance and Analytics Analyst,Data Operations Analyst,Financial Market Analyst,Business Intelligence Analyst,Customera Insight Analyst €35,459/ year
Master Of Science in Software Technology –Level 9 Bachelor's Degree in software engineering,computer science,Course with computer science as specialization. Software Developer ,Information system Manager,Data Programming 1.Software Integration Developer- €45,000 2.Senior C#.Net Developer -€65,000 - €75,000 3.New Senior.Net Developer -€55,000 - €65,000 . On an average graduate software engineer salary in Ireland starts from €35,000 per year and software development salary Ireland can earn €45000 and the salary can go up to €65000. A senior development manager can get an annual salary of €75,000
Master Of Science in Software with Cloud Native Computing -Level 9 Bachelor's Degree in software engineering,computer science,Course with computet science as specialization. Professional roles in software development including software developers: cloud computing, Web development database (with Oracle/SQL), Java, JavaScript, C#,  €30000 per year and if you have two years of work experience, you will be able to earn €44000 – 54000 with added benefits.
Master Of Science in Software Design with Cyber Security –Level 9 Bachelor's Degree in software engineering,computer science,Course with computer science as specialization. 1. Security Architect (SA),2. Security Risk Analyst (SRA),3. Security Operations Analyst (SOA),4. Security Platform Engineer (SPE),5. Secure Software Developer (SSD)   €39,000 per year
Master Of Science in Software Design with VR and Augmented Reality -Level 9 Bachelor's Degree in software engineering,computer science,Course with computer science as specialization. Students graduating from this course will be in a position to take up careers as immersive application developers, software designers, database programmers and administrators, and technical salespersons.  37,000 Euros/year
Bachelor of Arts in Culinary Entrepreneurship Bachelor's degree in Culinary Opportunities to work in food manufacturing, quality control and new product development, among other roles. Graduates from this programme will undoubtedly have opportunities in food product development, in food advisory and food marketing roles, in restaurants and hotels as chefs and in contract catering, craft food businesses and retail.   Chef Manager-€37 k ,Chef de Partie-€32 k,Executive chef-€73k

What Ireland
To Offer You?

Ireland, being home to some of the best institutions and universities, you will always gain the privilege of studying in a country that is rich in heritage.

The Irish people are known to be the happiest and most welcoming people you can ever find. Being a foreigner in their land will only make you feel more greeted and welcoming as the Irish people are those who love to share their smiles and stories with the visitors. Hospitality plays a crucial role in their culture, so you’ll are more likely to win lots of friends there.
The Educational Institutions of Ireland are focused on providing high-quality education for their students. Ireland has one of the best education systems in the World and has gained a reputation for academic excellence and quality. Ireland has numerous institutions that offer world-class education for its students. Cities like Sligo, Athlone, and Waterford offer the best educational institutions in Ireland. The city of Sligo provides a life- long learning opportunity that offers talents who can meet the industry needs and support the growth of industries and businesses in Sligo. Institutions in Sligo have numerous students from and outside Ireland. Athlone is relatively the least populated when compared to other cities in Ireland but that doesn't compromise with the quality of education it offers. Being close to River Shannon, the institutions in Athlone offers an amazing mix of education along with leisure. Students can study and at the same time engage in other cultural activities and other entertainments. Affordable accommodation and transportation connectivity have made Athlone, student's favorite educational destination. Being one of the oldest cities in Ireland, the institutions in Waterford always has something for their students. Institutions in Waterford provide a relaxed, safe, and friendly atmosphere for the students. The institutions in Waterford is widely acclaimed for their academic excellence and is an ideal choice for international students due to reasonable accommodation facility and the quality of education.
Ireland is ranked as one among the safest countries for foreign students to study and settle, according to the Global Peace Index 2019. Athlone, Sligo, and Waterford are some of the safest cities to study and live in. All the credit goes to Ireland's education system. Educational Institutions are committed to help and support students to settle into their new environment and have all the information needed for an incredible and safe stay.
Deciding to study and settle in Ireland is a crucial decision but you have many reasons to choose this green and pleasant land, especially the calm and composed city life they offer. For such a small country, Ireland is spurting and bursting with opportunities for everyone. Ireland offers the best city life for foreigners with pleasant weather conditions, high-tech companies, and an amazing lifestyle. The best places to live in Ireland for foreigners are cities like Athlone, Sligo, and Waterford. Known for its rich literary heritage and green landscape Sligo offers an amazing living experience for anyone who visits there. Athlone, located at the very heart of Ireland is one of the main destinations for all major industries in Ireland. Waterford, on the other hand, is one of the oldest cities with lots of historical eminences offers a vibrant city life to its visitors. Any foreigner visiting Waterford always feels like a local with its welcoming ambiance.
Ireland offers the best career opportunities for students with an international background. Over the years, Ireland has transformed itself as an industrial and technological hub. Major Multinational companies in Ireland offer an excellent chance for graduates to find their desired careers and to settle. Ireland provides amazing job opportunities for qualified people. Ireland Critical Skills Employment Work Permit Visa is a gateway for anyone who wishes to be a permanent resident of Ireland. If you are highly skilled, you can apply for this permit and gain a job, and can settle in Ireland along with your family.

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