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Inspiring Story Based on True Events

A group of childhood friends, once engaged in a discussion about their past life, education and career progressions, sharing the highs and lows of their professional journeys. Each person reminisced the path that led them to their respective careers, with some expressing the sentiment that they don't find joy in what they currently do. It became evident that many of them believed that understanding their true talents and desires during their teenage years could have significantly altered their career trajectories.

It was from this shared realization that the idea for Hireland Academy was conceived—an institution born out of the need for quality guidance, grounded in scientifically proven psychometric evaluations designed to assess the skill sets of students. We are proud to say that we are in a position to offer guidance by recognizing and leveraging one's strengths, thereby leading to greater satisfaction and success in the chosen path.

We believe that providing advice that takes into account an individual's skills is crucial for helping them make informed decisions about their education and career. We ensure to set base for our students to have realistic expectations about the demands and requirements of different fields. We are convinced that everyone's journey is unique, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Our guidance can serve as a valuable tool in helping individuals align their education and career choices with their skills, passion, and goals.

Mission - What we aim for

Our mission is to eliminate the challenges that we faced during the time of our college admissions. The lack of awareness that students and parents experienced decades ago shouldn't happen in today’s information era. We strive to empower individuals with the knowledge and resources needed to navigate through the process of seeking and analyzing the higher education options effortlessly. By putting in use of the technological advancements and promoting increased awareness, we are committed to turning past struggles into valuable lessons, that could aid our students to surpass all the snags that lies on their path.

Vision - How we are addressing it

We leverage modern techniques, including Psychometric Tests and career counseling, to provide comprehensive support. Our qualified counselors excel in extracting the best from individuals, identifying their true skill sets. With this understanding, individuals can make informed decisions about their careers and courses. By aligning choices with genuine abilities, we ensure a pathway that not only suits one's aptitude but also leads to fulfilling and successful outcomes.

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