Hireland Academy
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Domestic Admission

  • Career Counselling : Based on the psychometric test, we can identify the applicant's skill set and suggest a course.
  • Admission Easiness : Students and parents don't need to worry about the admission procedures; we'll take care of everything. In fact, they only need to visit the college at the time of class commencement. Being said that, we are happy to offer a guided campus tour if you wish so.
  • Fees : We can secure admission for you at a lower tuition fee than the prescribed college rate. This is possible because we are offered special rates by the colleges being trusted agents for many years. Additionally, we also offer package deals that include both tuition and hostel fees.
  • Network of People : Our network of people, including alumni, senior students and local associates , assists our students if at all they need any support. This gives absolute peace of mind for the parents knowing that they have a touch point to seek help in case of an emergency situation.
  • Nursing Pathway : We can assist nursing students in settling abroad after completing their nursing studies.