Hireland Academy
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Overseas Admission

  • Admission services : We take care of Indian and Overseas admissions. We are the official representatives to around 600 universities across the globe.
  • Higher Education Counselling : Don't worry if you're feeling unsure about the course and country you want to choose. You're in capable hands; we will assist you in selecting the right course based on your profile and personal circumstances. Through our counselling sessions, we'll understand your needs and then recommend suitable courses and countries tailored to your requirements.
  • Career Counselling : We employ sophisticated techniques, including Psychometric evaluations, to assess the skill set of the student. Depending on the results of the psychometric test, we will recommend a suitable career and course.
  • Financial Counselling : We assist you in preparing financially for your fee payments and obtaining proof of funds. Financial counselling plays a crucial role in the visa decision, and we always guide our students to prepare adequately for the visa documentation process.
  • Visa Documentation : The visa decision is solely based on the documents submitted, and even a minor error can result in visa rejection. We ensure that the visa documents are meticulously prepared in accordance with the requirements of the respective country. Additionally, we provide personalized pre-departure briefings after the visa is approved.
  • Emergency Assistance : We have an office in Ireland, allowing us to provide emergency assistance to our students there. We can assist them in finding accommodation and provide references for part-time jobs.