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Psychometric Evaluation and Career Counselling

As a student, you are beginning a new journey of learning. You may be prepared to spend a substantial amount of money on college tuition, accommodation, and more. However, you might be overlooking the most crucial factor; your skill set.

How can we evaluate this hidden talent?

Psychometric evaluation helps identify your innate talent, and based on the test results, we can suggest a career and course. Instead of blindly following career trends or pursuing the parents' desires, it is essential to consider the student’s unique abilities and interests. Taking some time to reflect on their skills, interests, and values always help them in long term.

What are you passionate about? What are your strengths? Understanding yourself better can help you make more informed decisions. Even if your current course doesn't directly align with your skills, there might be transferable skills you can leverage in another field. Identify these skills and see if there are alternative courses or career paths and utilize them. It is better to make a change early on than to continue down a path that doesn't align with your goals.

Remember, it's never too late to reassess your choices and make adjustments. Many people find success and fulfilment in fields different from their initial educational pursuits. The key is to be proactive in understanding yourself and taking steps to align your education and career with your true skills and interests.